Grant Leedy

Director of Parts and Service

O: 859-234-1100 ext. 2218

C: 502-735-9337

-Grant maintains and manages the parts and service division.

-In his free time, Grant enjoys spending his time motorcycle riding, off-roading and traveling. 

Ryan Khosrofian

Inside Part Sales and Warranty

O: 859-234-1100 ext.2212

C: 301-803-9395

-Ryan provides Inside Sales Support for our customers and also provides warranty administration. His favorite part of working for OSP is the relationships he gets to build with his customers.

-In his free time Ryan enjoy spending time with his wife and he is a soon to be father to a baby girl. Ryan also served in the Kentucky Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Officer. 

Corey Hensley

Inside Part Sales

O: 859-234-1100 ext.2114

C: 877-884-7662

-Corey's role at OSP is focused on identifying & getting the right part to the customer in a timely manner, whether that be dealing with a vendor or helping it along the manufacturing process. Step by step assistance until its in your hands.

-In his free time he likes to play Recreational League Sports, go to the movies, & visit local restaurants with his wife and daughter. 

Gene Deets

Regional Sales Representative


- Here at OSP, Gene maintains relationships with customers to help ensure that they get the parts they need.

-In his free time, Gene enjoys spending time with his family, mowing his yard and working on vehicles. 

Tori Mooneyham

Branch Manager - North Carolina 

0:336-697-2591 ext. 8184

C: 743-208-3148

-Here at OSP, Tori manages the daily operations of the NC Branch, and continuously work with customers to ensure that they receive the parts, service, and support they need. 

-In her free time, she spend time with her husband, dog, and families. She also is a volunteer with a local Fire Department. 

Sandra-Anne Kernoodle

Inside Part Sales

O: 336-697-2591 ext. 8187

-Here at OSP Sandra-Anne assists customers with finding and ordering the parts they need to keep their mixers and businesses running. She also assists Tori and Isaac with all needs to ensure our NC team works as efficiently as possible. 

-In her free time she enjoys taking her dog on walks in the park, helping her dad on the farm, and visiting the occasional brewery. She also enjoys attending different sporting events, including hockey, baseball, basketball, and football games.

Isaac Rice

Regional Sales Representative 

O: 336-697-2591

C: 336-266-7971

-Issac is a regional sales representative at OSP and sales concrete mixer truck parts.

-He enjoys playing sports, being active and traveling.

Alyson Montgomery

Branch Manager - Florida

O:  727-273-8573 ext. 8580

C: 813-680-8627

-At OSP, Aly handles the customer service with OSP out of St Pete. Florida and helps take care of the customers with the parts and service that they need.

-In her free time she enjoys playing pickleball or spending time out on the water kayaking with friends and family. 

Carlos Carrizales

Regional Sales Representative

O: 727-273-8573

C: 863-241-5249

-Here at OSP, Carlos conduct site visits to existing and prospective customers to identify and address equipment parts needs

-Outside of work he spends his time with his family and friends. 

Hattie Rivera

Branch Manager - Texas 

O: 940-683-3003

C: 940-393-2915

- At OSP, Hattie specialize in parts for Bridgeport Units

-Outside of work she enjoys camping & sports - Go Cowboys!

Shane Prater

EZ Pack Service Manager

C: 606-407-5371

-Shane heads up the Service Team that consists of locations in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. We handle warranty, tech support, and service repairs.

-On days away from work, he enjoys spending time with family at the lake, riding dirt bikes, ATV, SXS and rock climbing in my Jeep